We want our clients to always feel at home when they are with us.

We seek to create and maintain strong client relationships built on trust, open communication and humanity.

We believe, not only in earning trust, but keeping it. This is a result that comes from always putting our client's needs first.

We continue to spend a great deal of time educating our clients and are always accessible to them.

We want our clients to know that we are a dedicated and loyal member of their team.


Wealth Management & Investment Services

Harbour Financial offers you a customized solution to help you pursue your investment goals. Our recommendations are based on your goals and objectives, comfort level, risk tolerance, time frame and income tax situation. Whether you are looking to fund your children's college education, or ensure that you retire both comfortably and on time, we have the experience to help you. We can utilize individual stocks and bonds, top money managers, and mutual and exchange traded funds as part of your comprehensive and customized portfolio. Since we are an independent firm, rather than an employee or captive advisor of a financial institution, we have no quotas to fill. We have the discretion to select investment vehicles that are appropriate for you.

Our Investment guidance includes helping you navigate through Rollover choices for your inactive 401(k), 403(b) and other employer provided accounts and consolidating multiple investment accounts, based on your individual investment strategy.

The goals and recommendations differ from client to client, but our process does not. We listen to you. We educate you by explaining how and why our recommendations could suit you best: we monitor your accounts; we have review meetings with you at your desired frequency, but no less than on an annual basis. In addition, we are only a phone call away. We are dedicated to being a valued team member to you and your family.

Financial Planning

Planning for your personal financial success involves considering a wide variety of money-related topics including budgeting, expenses, debt, saving, retirement and insurance, among others. Understanding how each of these topics work together and affect each other is important for laying the groundwork for a solid financial foundation for you and your family. Harbour Financial offers goal-based guidance to help you navigate through your own personal journey.

Retirement Plans

We offer different types of Retirement Plans and Investment solutions. The individual recommendations are based on your goals and objectives, comfort level, risk tolerance, time frame and income tax situation. The most common retirement plan for the individual (outside of an employer sponsored plan) is an IRA that includes:

  • Rollover IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Inherited IRA

Individual Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is an integral part of your overall financial plan. Simply put, it is your Contingency Plan. A house is only as strong as its foundation. Your Contingency Plan is your Financial Foundation and we consider this to be a component of a retirement and estate plan.

  • Life Insurance

Life insurance is an integral piece of a holistic financial plan. Unlike a retirement plan—which takes decades to reach its full potential—a life insurance plan gives you the full benefit of the policy no matter when you die, as long as the policy is in effect. Because of this, Life Insurance is included to cover a catastrophic loss to:

  • Provide the family with a lump-sum to help replace the income of the deceased family member;
  • Provide the family or heirs with liquidity to pay the carrying cost of an asset, e.g. house, until the asset can be sold. Hopefully, the infusion of cash will negate the need to sell an asset for below market value and give the heirs time to find a suitable buyer;
  • Provide the family with liquidity to pay for burial costs;
  • Provide the family with liquidity to pay for estate taxes in whole, or in part.

A life insurance death benefit is received income tax free as long as the premium is paid with after-tax dollars.

  • Long-term Disability Insurance

Being out of work is hard enough without having to worry about how you will support yourself and your family. Short-term disability plans can help protect a portion of your paycheck if you are unable to work for a short time due to a covered disability, whereas long-term disability helps to pay for everyday expenses, such as rent, food, car payments and more should you be unable to work for an extended period of time due to a serious disability. Harbour Financial will discuss your coverage options and make sure that what matters most to you is protected.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

While many people ignore the need, long-term care is something everyone should seriously consider adding to their financial plans. As the average life expectancy continues to rise, so does the chance that you, or your loved one, will need some form of long-term care. Chronic diseases, accidents, and other mishaps can create a situation where you are in sudden need of long-term—and often prohibitively expensive—care for the rest of your life. Long-term Care Insurance can absorb some, if not all, of the financial burden that a chronic illness or physical impairment can create on you, your family and your assets. We consider this to be a component of a retirement plan.